Psittaculture Conservation


Red-fronted Macaw

(Ara rubrogenys)


CITES: Appendix I

IUCN Red List: Endangered (ENC2a)

Red-fronted Macaws continue to be under threat in their natural range in the dry east Andean valleys of central Bolivia mainly as the result of vegetation clearing. Local conservation efforts focus on habitat protection and rehabilitation, as well as education and sustainable community support.

Ex situ programs are complementary to home range conservation and can help by providing genetic resevoirs and information about nutrition and reproduction, as well as increasing awareness of the species and its natural environment.

Armonía/Birdlife International is working in central Bolivia to decrease the threat to the remaining populations by developing ecotourism projects, community workshops and environmental education.


School children in central Bolivia watching nesting Red-fronted Macaws (F.Huaquipa).




Pair of Red-fronted Macaws


Red-fronted Macaw distribution in central Bolivia (in red)


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Priam Psittaculture Centre has completed a Husbandry Manual for the Red-fronted Macaw. This gives detailed information on topics including the housing, feeding and breeding of captive populations.



Priam Psittaculture Centre is working to develop the first Co-operative Conservation Program in Australasia for an exotic parrot species, in line with the conservation program of Asociación Armonía in the home range of the Red-fronted Macaw in Bolivia.

Red-fronted Macaw at Priam Psittaculture Centre (K.P.Gowland)


Birdlife International

Asociación Armonía

Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)